about swellbrain


Shared Vision

It all starts with an idea and a meeting of the minds. Think, sketch, rough it out, and get those creative gears turning. Every creative process goes through four stages: preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification. Through constant communication and exchanging of ideas, this process happens quickly. At Swellbrain, we pride ourselves on working to achieve the client's vision. We  work closely with you as we go, making sure every detail is just right.  Our commitment, passion and attention to detail are a big part of what  sets us apart.


Designed for Success

David Thomas, the creative director, has extensive experience translating  brand strategy into captivating graphic design. He brings 30+ years of  designing for prestigious  companies from New York to L.A., including  GUESS, G by GUESS, Kappa,  American Eagle, Calvin Klein, Pac Sun, to name a few. From development to delivery, our aim is to be a key partner in your artistic vision, providing service, innovating designs, and quality product.


Fashion Focus

Our immersion in the fashion world continues to inspire us daily. Swellbrain Studio knows today’s consumer and what they are in to. We are constantly learning about how they shop, what they’re listening to, and how they live. Staying on top of trends is key to staying a float in a competitive market. We know that every project is unique. And with that comes a unique set  of goals, needs and challenges. We tailor our approach for each project  to meet these needs. It’s this approach, combined with the tools we use  that make the difference and deliver effective results.